3 responses to “TRAMPOLINE”

  1. Cicely

    O the glory of bodies in movement and totally bearable lightness of being, the delectable contrasts of bums running and athletes leaping. Made me feel good to watch! Thanks Pete

  2. Thomas

    Hurrrraaaaayy ! For a cheeky comeback !

  3. Ralph

    I have to say this one is a bit of a bummer. Nevertheless, we have many charming family scenes – especially the brilliantly innovative way of making milkshakes (you’d better patent this one quickly, Peter, before some industrial spy sells the secret to McDonald’s). But lurking behind it all is the brooding figure of death , with its knobkierie, usually appearing as a female strandloper, but also as the figure of a drowned sailor, newly resuscitated by a coven of witches. Ah, death, where is thy kierie?


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